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The Graham Gouldman Thing (USA RCA Victor LPM-3954 (mono), LSP-3954 (stereo)

Ramases - Space Hymns (Vertigo 9199 134) (Graham Gouldman on guitar and bass)

Neil Sedaka - Solitaire (Graham Gouldman on bass, guitar and vocals)

Neil Sedaka - The Trala Days Are Over (Graham Gouldman on bass, guitar and vocals)
10cc (UK Records) (with 10cc)

Sheet Music (UK Records) (with 10cc)

The Original Soundtrack (Mercury) (with 10cc)

How Dare You (Mercury) (with 10cc)

Deceptive Bends (Mercury) (with 10cc)

Live and Let Live (Mercury)(with 10cc)

Bloody Tourists (Mercury) (with 10cc)
The Eye Of Wendor (Mandalaband, Graham Gouldman bass, vocals)

Sunburn (original soundtrack album) (US Arrival NU 9540)
22 'Blazing' Disco Hits: Sunburn, including the original soundtrack (UK Ronco RTL 2044) (contains 'Sunburn' by Graham Gouldman and 'Things we do for love'/'I'm
Mandy fly me' by 10cc, in both cases)

Look Hear (Warner Brothers/Mercury) (with 10cc)

Animalympics (UK Mercury 9109 630, yellow background cover; US A&M SP-4810, white background cover; US A&M Test SP-4810 (Not Yet
Approved-Limited Distribution, issued in plain white sleeve; blank labels apart from generic A&M test pressing information; with 8-1/2 by 11 typed insert showing song titles
and other info)

Ten Out Of 10 (Warner Brothers/Mercury) (with 10cc)
Pleasant Dreams (Ramones, Graham Gouldman producer, backgr vocals)

Life 'N Rhymes (Gilbert O' Sullivan, Graham Gouldman producer, percussion, guitar, bass and vocals)

Windows in the Jungle (Mercury) (with 10cc)

History Mix. Vol. 1 - Godley & Creme (Graham Gouldman co-producer)

Magnetic Heaven (UK RCA PL70937, US RCA AFL1-9546, US RCA PCD1-9546) (with Wax)
Strange Land - Box of Frogs (Graham Gouldman guitar, vocals)

American English (UK RCA PL71430, USA RCA 6770-R-1, US RCA 6770-R-2 (cd), UK RCA PD 74130 (cd) ) (with Wax)
American English (Germany RCA WAX 1, cd-sampler for promotion only, with American English, Bridge to Your Heart, Share the Glory, Heaven in Her Bed)
Burglar (US MCA 6201, original soundtrack with Wax's 'Alright tonight' on it)

A Hundred Thousand in Fresh Notes (UK RCA PD 74182/BMG) (with Wax)

Meanwhile (Polydor) (with 10cc)

Alive (Creative Man/Jade Music) (with 10cc)

Time Traveller (with The Moody Blues)

Mirror Mirror (Avex/Critique) (with 10cc)
In Concert King Biscuit Flower Hour (King Biscuit) (with 10cc)
Real Life - Jaki Graham (Graham Gouldman guitar, backgr vocals, producer)

Wax Works (BMG/CAMDEN) (with Wax)

The Wax Files (Dome/FYL/Pioneer/Sun Brain) (with Wax)
Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of - Andrew Gold (Graham Gouldman acoustic guitar, guitar, backgr vocals, multi instruments, producer)

Common (For Your Love Records) (with Common Knowledge)
Greetings from Planet Love - Fraternal Order of All (Graham Gouldman bass, rhythm guitar, backgr vocals, producer)

And Another Thing... (For Your Love/Dome Records Ltd FYL CD 14)
Bikini (Quarkbrain) (with Wax)


Whirlwinds - Look At Me /Baby Not Like You (HMV POP 1301) (A-side Petty/Holly/Allison, B-side Lol Creme. Baby Not Like You
can also be found on 'The British R&B Scene', Look At Me on 'Sixties Backbeat'.)

Mockingbirds - That's How It's Gonna Stay/I Never Should Have Kissed You (written by Graham Gouldman) (UK Columbia DB 7480, US ABC 10653; available on "Mersey sound volume 4").
Mockingbirds - I Can Feel We're Parting/The Flight Of The Mockingbird(a-side by Graham Gouldman and Charles Silverman, b-side with Basso, Jacobson, Godley) (UK Columbia DB 7565; available on "Mersey sound volume 4").
Mockingbirds - You Stole My Love/Skit Skat(written by Graham Gouldman) (UK Immediate IM 015; available on "Mersey sound volume 4").

Mockingbirds - One By One/Lovingly Yours (UK Decca F 12434) (A-side Wayne, B-side Spielter; available on "Mersey sound volume 4").)
Mockingbirds - How To Find A Lover/My Story(A-side written by Peter Cowap, B-side written by Graham Gouldman) (UK Decca F 12510)
Graham Gouldman -Stop! Stop! Stop!/Better To Have Loved And Lost (Decca F 12334) (both sides written by Graham Gouldman, produced by Gouldman,
Lisberg and Collier)

The Manchester Mob - Bony Maronie At The Hop/Afro Asian (UK Parlophone R 5552) (Graham Gouldman performing in group, produced by Mike Collier)
The Yellow Bellow Room Boom - Seeing Things Green/Easy Life (CBS)

Graham Gouldman - Upstairs Downstairs/Chestnut (UK RCA 1667) (both sides written by Graham Gouldman, produced by Graham Gouldman and arranged by
John Paul Jones)

Graham Gouldman - The Impossible Years/No Milk Today (US RCA 47-9453) (idem)
Graham Gouldman - Pamela, Pamela/For Your Love (US RCA 47-9584) (idem, plus Tom Berman)

Graham Gouldman Orchestra - Windmills Of Your Mind/Harvey's Theme  (UK Spark SRL 1026) (A-side written by Legrand, Bergman, Bergman,
B-side by Graham Gouldman, produced by Graham Gouldman and Harvey Lisberg)
Frabjoy and Runcible Spoon - I'm beside myself/Animal song(written by Godley & Creme, Godley, Creme and Stewart playing, Graham Gouldman bass and
guitar) (Marmalade 598-019)
Graham Gouldman - Late Mr. Late(recorded with Kevin Godley) (on Marmalade 100 Proof sampler lp 643-314)
Kevin Godley - To Fly Away (recorded with Graham Gouldman) (On Marmalade 100 Proof sampler lp 643-314)
Crazy Elephant - There ain't no umbopo (US Bell Records 875) (written by Godley & Creme, recorded by Graham Gouldman, Godley and Creme, produced by
Graham Gouldman and Ritchie Cordell)

Graham Gouldman - Nowhere To Go/Growing Older (UK CBS 7739) (produced by Eric Woolfson, arranged by Don Gould; available on "Tea and Symphony. The English baroque sound 1967-1974")
10cc - Donna/Hot Sun Rock (UK)
10cc - Johnny Don't Do It/4% of Something (UK)

10cc - Rubber Bullets/Waterfall (UK)
10cc - Headline Hustler/Speed Kills (UK)
10cc - The Dean and I/Bee in My Bonnet (UK)

10cc - The Worst Band in the World/18 Carat Man of Means (UK)
10cc - The Wall Street Shuffle/Gismo My Way (UK/Decca)
10cc - Silly Love/The Sacro-Iliac (UK/Decca)

10cc - Waterfall/4% of Something (UK/Decca)
10cc - Life Is a Minestrone/Channel Swimmer (Mercury)
10cc - I'm Not in Love/Good News (Mercury)
10cc - I'm Not in Love/The Film of My Love (Mercury)
10cc - Art for Art's Sake/Get It While You Can (Mercury)

10cc - I'm Mandy Fly Me/How Dare You (Mercury)
10cc - Life Is a Minestrone/Lazy Ways (Mercury)

10cc - The Things We Do for Love/Hot to Trot (Mercury)
10cc - Good Morning Judge/Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste (Mercury)
10cc - People in Love/I'm So Laid Back I'm Laid Out (Mercury)
10cc - Good Morning Judge/I'm So Laid Back I'm Laid Out (Mercury)
10cc - Wall Street Shuffle (Live)/You've Got a Cold (Live) (Mercury)

10cc - Dreadlock Holiday/Nothing Can Move Me (Mercury/Polydor)
10cc - For You and I/Take These Chains (Polydor)
10cc - Reds in My Bed/Take These Chains (Mercury)

Graham Gouldman - Sunburn/Think About It (Mercury/Sunny 1)
10cc - I'm Not in Love/For You and I (Mercury)

Graham Gouldman - Love's Not for Me (Rene's Song)/Bionic Boar (UK Mercury MER 7, Holland Mercury 6007 253)
Graham Gouldman - Away From It All/Away From It All (mono) (promo only) (US A&M 2251)
10cc - One-Two-Five/Only Child (Mercury)
10cc - It Doesn't Matter at All/From Rochdale to Ocho Rios (Mercury)
10cc - It Doesn't Matter at All/Strange Lover (Warner Brothers)

10cc - Les Nouveaux Riches/I Hate to Eat Alone (Mercury)
10cc - Don't Turn Me Away/Tomorrow's World Today (Mercury)

10cc - The Power of Love/You're Coming Home Again (Mercury)
10cc - The Power of Love/Action Man in Motown Suit (Warner Brothers)
10cc - Memories/Overdraft in Overdrive (Mercury)
10cc - Run Away/Action Man in Motown Suit (Mercury)
10cc - We've Heard It All Before/Overdraft in Overdrive (Mercury)

10cc - 24 Hours/Dreadlock Holiday (Live) (Mercury)
10cc - Feel the Love (Oomachasaooma)/She Gives Me Pain (Mercury)
10cc - Food for Thought/The Secret Life of Henry (Mercury)
10cc - 24 Hours/Dreadlock Holiday (Live)/I'm Not In Love (Live) (Mercury)

World in Action - Don't Break My Heart/J.B. In Arabia (UK Mercury 157)
Common Knowledge - Don't Break My Heart/J.B. In Arabia (UK Mercury MER 164, Holland Mercury 818 914-7, written and produced by Andrew Gold and
Graham Gouldman)
Common Knowledge - Victoria/Big Fat Baby (UK Mercury 171, Mercury 880 295-7, written and produced by Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman)

Wax - Ball and Chain/The Lie (UK RCA PB40385, Germany RCA PB40385, written by Graham Gouldman and Andrew Gold, A-side produced by Phil
Tornally, B-side produced by Gouldman and Gold)
Wax - Bola y cadena (Ball and chain)/The Lie (Spain RCA PB-40385)
Wax - Ball and chain (Chainsaw mix)/Ball and chain (Ballroom mix), The lie (UK RCA PT 40386, 12 inch)
Devaney and Young - One More Heartache (Spartan SP 122) (written by Rodgers, Robinson, Tarplin, White, Moore, produced by Graham Gouldman)
The Crowd- You'll Never Walk Alone/Messages (Spartan SR 12124) (arranged and produced by Graham Gouldman together with Ray Levy. In aid for the
Bradford City Disaster Fund. B-side is spoken messages. "The Crowd" is listed on the back of the picture sleeve and includes Gouldman, Paul McCartney, Tony Hicks, John Entwhistle)
The Crowd - You'll never walk alone/Messages ( UK Spartan 12 BRAD 1, 12 inch/Germany Teldec 6.20466 (transparant green vinyl) )

Wax - Right Between the Eyes/Only a Visitor (UK RCA PB 40509, Germany RCA PB40509, US RCA PB-14306, written, arranged and performed by Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman, produced by Phil Thornally)
Wax - Right between the eyes (extended mix)/Only a visitor (UK RCA PT 40510, US RCA PD-14310, 12 inch, A-side mixed by Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman)
Wax - Right between the eyes/Right between the eyes (12 inch US promotional issue, US RCA JR-14307)
Wax - Ball and chain (Chainsaw mix, Dis' be wacked edit)/Ball and chain (ballroom mix), The lie (US RCA PW-14383, 12 inch; extended mixes featuring the special edit 'Dis'be wacked'
Wax - Ball and chain (Chainsaw mix)/Ball and chain (Dis'be wacked edit) (US RCA JW-14383, 12 inch promotional issue)
Wax - Shadows of Love/Magnetic Heaven (UK RCA PB 40525, UK RCA PB 40525 DJ, (promotional issue), Germany RCA PB40525, US RCA PB-14403, written and performed by Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman, produced and engineered by Phil Thornally)
Wax - Shadows of love/Magnetic heaven, People all over this world (UK RCA PT 40526, 12 inch)
Wax - Systematic/Breakout (UK RCA PB 40939, Germany RCA PB 40939, UK RCA PB 40939D (shrinkwrapped together with 'Right between the eyes'), written and performed by Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman, produced and engineered by Phil Thornally
Wax - Systematic (dance remix)/Breakout (dance remix) (UK RCA PT 40940, 12 inch)

Wax - Bridge to Your Heart/Heaven in Her Bed (UK RCA PB 41405, US RCA 6882-7-R, written and performed by Graham Gouldman and Andrew Gold, A-side
produced by Christopher Neil, B-side produced by Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman)
Wax - Bridgte to Your Heart/Bridge to Your Heart (US RCA 6882-7-RAA, promotional issue)
Wax - Bridge to Your Heart/Ready or Not (Germany RCA PB41453, B-side also written by Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman)
Wax - Bridge to your heart (unabridged version)/Bridge to your heart (7'' version), Heaven in her bed (UK RCA PT 41406, US RCA 6932-1-RD, 12 inch)
Wax - American English/Marie Claire (UK RCA PB 41527, Germany RCA PB41527, written and performed by Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman, A-side
produced by Christopher Neil, B-side produced by Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman, mixed by Phil Thornalley
Wax - In Some Other World/People All Over This World (UK RCA PB41701, Germany RCA PB41701, written and performed by Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman, A-side produced by Christopher Neil, B-Side produced by Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman)

Wax - In some other world/People all over this world, Ball and chain (chainsaw mix) (UK RCA PT 41702, 12 inch)

Wax - Anchors Aweigh/Bridge to Your Heart (UK RCA PB43145, written and performed by Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman, A-side produced by Peter Collins)
Wax - Wherever You Are/Right Between The Eyes/For Your Love (Live Version)/Lonely Boy (Live Version) (RCA PD42986)
Wax - Wherever You Are/For Your Love (live version), Lonely boy (live version) (UK RCA PT 42896, 12 inch)
Wax - Anchors Aweigh/Bridge to Your Heart (7" Version)/Thank You for Being a Friend (Live Version)/Bus Stop (Live Version) (RCA PD43136)
Wax - Anchors Aweigh (long version)/Bridge to your heart, Thank you for being a friend (live) (UK RCA PT 43146, 12 inch)
Wax - Wherever You Are/Right Between the Eyes/For Your Love (Live version)/Lonely Boy (Live version) (UK RCA PD42986, thin jewel box)
Wax - Anchors Aweigh/Bridge to Your Heart (7" version)/Thank You for Being a Friend (live version)/Bus Stop (live version) (UK RCA PD43136, thin jewel box)

10cc - Woman in Love/Man With a Mission (Polydor)
10cc - Welcome to Paradise/Don't/Lost In Love (Polydor)

10cc - Across the Universe (Live)/I'm Not In Love (Live)/Bullets Medley
(Live) (Creative Man)

10cc - I'm Not in Love (Acoustic Session '95)/Bluebird (Avex)
10cc - Ready to Go Home/Margo Wants the Mustard (Avex)
10cc - I'm Not in Love (Acoustic Session '95)/I'm Not in Love (The Rework of Art)/Bluebird (Avex/ZYX)
10cc - Ready to Go Home (Radio Edit)/Ready to Go Home/Age of Consent (ZYX)

WRITERS WORK by Graham Gouldman solo, except where indicated

Yardbirds - For Your Love
Yardbirds - Heart Full Of Soul
Yardbirds - Evil Hearted You(written with Paul Samwell-Smith and James McCarty)
Hollies - Look Through Any Window(written with Charles Silverman)
Dave Berry - I'm Gonna Take You There (UK Decca 12258) (A-side to 'Just Don't Know' (Berry, Canter), both sides produced by Mike Smith)
The Shindigs - A Little While Back/Why Say Goodbye (UK Parlophone R 5377) (produced by Andrew J. Wood)
Little Frankie - Happy, that's me (UK Columbia DB 7681) (B-side to It doesn't matter anymore, that is written by Paul Anka; produced by Graham Gouldman)
Little Frankie - Make-a-love /Love is just a game(B-side co-written by Graham Gouldman, Harvey Lisberg and charles Silverman, produced by Graham Goulman.

Downliners Sect - The Cost Of Living (written with Peter Cowap and Harvey Lisberg) (UK Columbia DB 8008) (A-side to Everything I've got to give (Evans))
High Society - People Passing By/Star Of Eastern Street (UK Fontana TF 771) (A-side written by Graham Gouldman, B-side by Peter Cowap, produced by
Harvey Lisberg, A-side accompaniment by Phil Dennys)
Hollies - Bus Stop
Herman's Hermits - No Milk Today
Herman's Hermits - East West
Herman's Hermits - Listen People
Wayne Fontana - Pamela Pamela
Toni Basil - I'm 28 (UK A&M 791 (A-side to 'Breakaway (Ed Cobb), both sides produced by Ed Cobb, arranged by Lincoln Mayorga)
Friday Browne - Getting nowhere/And (To Me He Meant Everything) (Parlophone R5396) (A-side by Graham Gouldman, B-side by Stockleigh and Stockleigh, A-side
arranged and conducted by Norman Smith. Aside same song recorded by Toni Basil as 'I'm 28'.)
St. Louis Union - Behind the door (UK Decca 12386) (A-side to 'English
Tea' (Wigs, Bear), both sides produced by Peter Sullivan)
The 3-1/2 - Problem Child/Hey Mom, Hey Dad (US Cameo 442) (A-side by T.
Wine, C. Bayer Sager, B-side by Graham Gouldman)

Cher - Behind The Door (US Imperial 66217) (A-side to 'Magic in the Air' (Sonny Bono), both sides produced by Sonny Bono, arranged by Harold Battiste. Single also appears on the CD "Bang Bang: The Best of Cher" (US EMI CDP-7-92773-2) in a longer, first-time true stereo release, mastered "ADD")
Jeff Beck - Tallyman/Rock my plimsoul (US Epic 10218, UK Columbia DB 8227) (A-side written by Graham Gouldman, B-side by Jeff Beck, both sides produced by Mickie Most. Single also appears on cd 'Jeff Beck: The Late 60s with Rod Stewart', UK EMI CDP 7 467102)
High Society - People Passing By/Star Of Eastern Street (US Cameo 452, same as British version)
The Mindbenders - Schoolgirl (Fontana 877)
The Mindbenders - The Letter (Fontana 869)
Friday Browne - Ask any woman/The outdoor seminar (UK Philips TF 851) (both sides produced by Graham Gouldman, A-side written by Stewart/Langley,
B-side by Stockley and Stockley)
Normie Rowe - Going home/I don't care (just take me there) (UK Polydor 56159) (A-side written by Graham Gouldman, B-side by Godding, both sides produced by Giorgio Gomelsky, arranged by David Whitaker)
The Shadows - Naughty Nippon Nights(instrumental, appears on the UK LP "From Hank, Bruce, Brian and John", UK reissue LP: BGO

The Mindbenders - Uncle Joe The Icecream Man (Fontana 961)
Herman's Hermits - London Look (issued as a Yardley's Cosmetics promo (only) single in Britain, but also commercially issued in Italy as the B-side of 'I Can Take or Leave Your Loving' (Italian Columbia SCMQ 7086) in picture sleeve). Bonustrack on Repertoire's CD reissue of the Herman's Hermits LP 'Blaze')
Herman's Hermits - Marcel's (written with Hopwood, Noone and Lisberg, US B-side of 'I Can Take or Leave Your Loving' (MGM 13885). Bonus track on Repertoire's 'There's a Kind of Hush CD)
Herman's Hermits - Ooh she's done it again ((B-side of 'The most beautiful thing in my life', US MGM 13994, from 'Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely daughter' US MGM SE-4548)
Herman's Hermits - Lemon and lime (from 'Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely daughter' US MGM SE-4548, sung by actors)
Herman's Hermits - It's nice to be out in the morning (from 'Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely daughter' US MGM SE-4548)
Herman's Hermits - The World Is for the Young from 'Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely daughter' US MGM SE-4548)
Herman's Hermits - It's alright now (B-side of ‘Here Comes The Star’, credited to Noone/ Hillary/ Most, Hillary being a pseudonym used by Graham Gouldman)
Jonah P. Jones - My father/My mind's losing me (US Decca 32390) (A-side by Graham Gouldman, B-side by Eric Dennis, both sides arranged by Paul Harris,
produced by Bill Szymcyck (also responsible for Eagles-smash 'Hotel California'))

Ohio Express - Sausalito (Is The Place To Go)/Make Love Not War (Buddah Records 129) (10cc actually playing, Gouldman lead vocal)
Garden Odyssey Enterprise - Sad And Lonely/Sky Pilot (UK Deram DM 267) (A-side written by Graham Gouldman, B-side by Perkins, Harvey, Gibbons jr.,
Ellis, Wright, both sides produced by Derek Rawden)
Chords Five - Some People/Battersea Fair (A-side written by Graham Gouldman, B-side written by Carl and Terry Holmes, both sides produced by
Marvin Holtzman) UK JayBoy BOY 6

Peter Cowap - Crickets (Pye 7N 17976) (Cowap, Hillary - Hillary being a pseudonym for Graham Gouldman/record produced by Eric Stewart)

Freddie and the Dreamers - Susan's Tuba/You Hurt Me Girl (UK Philips 6006 098) (A-side written with Ritchie Cordell)
Peter Cowap - Man With a Golden Gun / Tampa Florida (UK Pye 7N.45042) (both sides written with Peter Cowap)
Fighter Squadron - When He Comes (US Bell 966) (written by Godley & Creme, lead vocal by Kevin Godley, produced by Graham Gouldman, J. Katz and J. Kasenetz)
Silver Fleet - Come on plane/Look out world (US Uni 55271) (A-side written and produced by Graham Gouldman-Kasenetz-Katz)
Peter Cowap - Safari/Oh Soloman (both sides written with Peter Cowap) (UK Pye 7N.45071)
Eric Elder - San Tokay/Sunflower (UK Philips 6006-081 (A-side written by Graham Gouldman and Eric Woolfson, B-side by Woolfson (who is in fact Eric Elder)
The Peddlers - Have you ever been to Georgia/Manah (UK Philips 6006-141) (A-side written by Graham Gouldman, B-side by Philips, both sides produced by Cyril Smith, A-side
arranged by Harry South & the Peddlers)

Festival - Today(written by Godley & Creme)/Come Warm Me (written with Eric Stewart; Stewart and Gouldman on vocals) ( UK RCA 2275 (promo only; apparently a lawsuit by the UK label forced this single to be withdrawn)
Garden Odyssey Enterprise - The Joker (written with Barry Greenfield)/Have You Ever Been to Georgia(both tracks produced by Gouldman with Eric Stewart)
Tristar Airbus - Willie Morgan(written with Smith)/Travelling Man(written and sung by Graham Gouldman, 10cc actually playing on both tracks) (UK RCA 2170)
Peter Noone - Because You're There (written with Peter Noone, B-side 'Shoobedoah written by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, produced by Mickie Most, Graham Gouldman also doing guitar and backing vocals (UK RAK 129)
Everton Football Club - For Ever Ever-ton/March Of The GWLadys Street Gladiators (UK Philips 6006 253) (A-side written by Graham Gouldman, produced by Graham Gouldman and Ric Dixon)
Manchester City F.C. - The Boys in Blue/Funky City (both tracks written with Godley & Creme) (UK RCA 2200)

Wayne Fontana - Together(A-side written by Graham Gouldman, the B-side to this track, 'One man woman', was produced by Fontana and Eric Stewart) (UK Warner Bros. K 16269)
Suzette St. Claire - Mama Banana (written with Godley, Creme & Claire) (Red Bus Records)
Rubber Duckie - A teenager in love/Lark (UK EMI) (B-side instrumental similar to 'Gizmo my way' written with Godley, Creme and Stewart; A teenager in love (Pomus-Shuman) with Eric Stewart on lead vocal) (UK EMI 2037)
Grumble - Da Doo Ron Ron/Pig Bin an' Gone(b-side, an instrumental similar to 'Hot sun rock', written with Godley, Creme, Gouldman and Stewart; 10cc actually playing with Peter Cowap on vocals) (UK RCA 2384, apparently promo only)

Burlitz - Love is the drug/Baby come around (UK Spartan SP 17) (produced by Graham Gouldman with J. Glasman, arranged with Red Bus)
Burlitz - Sleep softly Mary (produced by Graham Gouldman)

Jackie Graham - Real life (from the album 'Facts of love') (written with Andrew Gold)
Joe Cocker - Soul Rising (from the album 'No ordinary world') (co-written with Peter Cox and Peter Vetesse)
Fff - Then There's A Knock At The Door (co-written with Eric Stewart)

Paul Carrack - The Way I'm Feeling Tonight (co-written)
Chris Difford - Sad Old Man (written with Chris Difford)
Chris Difford - There Was A Day (written with Chris Difford)

Gary Barlow - Stronger

Kirsty MacColl - Things Happen (written with Kirsty MacColl)

Kirsty MacColl - Treachery(written with Kirsty MacColl)
Gary Wright – If you believe in heaven (on Human Love) (written with Adrian
Lee and Gary Wright)

Renato Zero - L'altra sponda (on 'Caturra', written with Claudio Guidetti and Renato Zero)
Jamie Benson - When the sun hits the sky (on 'My confession'. Co-written by Graham Gouldman)

McFly - I've got you (written by Graham Gouldman with Danny Jones and Tom Fletcher)

Sixties (undated)
Hollies - Watcha gonna do (unreleased)
Hollies - Going away
Yardbirds - Still I'm Sad
Leslie Crowther - Santa Claus (written with Hyme Gouldman)
P.J. Proby - I'm 28
Tony Christie - Have You Ever Been To Georgia

Seventies (undated)
Dingo - Shearer Shearer

Sixties (unidentified)
Virgin Soldiers (probably written by Graham Gouldman, no information
about artist or release date)


Los Gatos Negros - No debi basarte nunca (I never should have kissed you)
Monty - Une fois (French cover of 'For your love')

The Standells – Schoolgirl (on Hot Ones)
Los Gatos Negros - Eres Un Demonio(Evil hearted you)
I Jaguars - Non Se Sincera(Evil hearted you)
I Sattelite - Finira(For your love)
The Vampires - For Your Love
Los Huracanes - Four Your Love
Renato E Seus Blue Caps - Pra voce nao sou ninguem (Look thorugh any

Les Guitares Du Dimanche - No milk today (Vogue Disques)

Los Beta - Pamela Pamela
Big Jim Sullivan - Tallyman

Ace Kefford Stand - For Your Love

Mi Generacion - Triste y solo (Sad and lonely)

Shirley Bassey - Together (on Never,Never,Never)

Babitsin Kirill - En Tosissaan (Finnish for 'I'm not in love') (on Kirka Kaksipuolta (Delta DELP 12), Pelin Henki (Finnlevy MCD 43) and Surun Pyyhit xxSilmistani (Fazer Records 4509-99229-2) )

Joshua – Heart full of soul (on Surrender)

Box Of Frogs - Heart Full Of Soul (on Strange Land)

Chris Isaak - Heart Full Of Soul (on Chris Isaak)
Mister T Experience – No Milk Today (on Night Shift at the Thrill Factory)

Apollonia - For your love(on Apollonia)
The Zarkons – Heart Full Of Soul (on Between the Idea & The Reality...Falls The Shadow)

Greg Khin - For your love

Robert Gordon – Heart Full Of Soul (on Greetings from New York City)
Greg Sage – For Your Love (on Sacrifice (For Love))
Pixies - Evil Hearted You

Richard Dworsky – Bus Stop (on Back to the garden)
The Space Negros – Heart Full Of Soul (on Dig Archaeology 1980-1990)

Chris Bennett – Bus stop (on Chris Bennett)
Mirth - For Your Glove (on On Top Of The World) (probably a parody adaption, by Benjamin)

Michael Been - For your love (on On the Verge of a Nervous Breakthough)
Don Fardon - For your love (on Best of Indian Reservation)
Mitch Malloy and Paul Carrack - Ready To Go Home (on Ceilings & Walls, RCA 07863 66369-2)

Morten Haket - Ready To Go Home (written with Andrew Gold)
E-Types – No milk today (on Inttroducing the E-Types)
E-Types – Evil Hearted You (on Introducing the E-Types)

The Kreeg – For Your Love (on Iimpressin’)

Morrissey – East west (on Ouija Board, Ouija Board)
Steve Marcus – Listen People (on Tomorrow Never Knows)
David Lanz – Bus Stop (on Songs from an English Garden)

Kauto Niemi Paivi - Rantatuulet (Finnish for 'I'm not in love) (on Et Yksin Jää) (Junicd 001)
Peter Bagge - The Sacro-Illiac (on Rockin’ Poppin’ Favourties) (written with Kevin Godley)
Little Demon/Yucatan Grave Robbers – For Your Love (on Sacred Monster) – For Your Love (on Ice Girl)

Joe Jackson – Fools in love/For your love (on Summer In The City: Live In New York 2000)
Jetpack – Bus Stop (on Planet Reverb)
Ghost Dance – Heart Full Of Soul (on Stiletto Vamp - Various Artists)

Asia - Wherever You Are (from the cd 'Aura') (written with Andrew Gold)
Asia - Ready To Go Home (from the cd 'Aura') (written with Andrew Gold)
Los Brujos - Tio Joe (Uncle Joe the icecream man)
Los Protones - Look through any window

Bronco Bullfrog - Sausalito

The Rubinoos - Evil Hearted You (from the cd 'Crimes against music')
John Wright - Dancing days (from 'Songdance', Twirtle Music TW CD102)

Yet undated

Barbara Dickson - No Milk Today (on After Dark)
Magic Lanterns - No Milk Today (on Lit UP-with)
Otto Waalkes - No Milk Today
Peter Noone - No Milk Today
The Chevelles – For your love (on Rollerball Candy)
Four Tops - For Your Love
David Essex - For Your Love (on Missing You)
Fleetwood Mac - For Your Love (on Mystery to Me)
Herman's Hermits - For Your Love (on Introducing)
Gary Lewis & the Playboys - For Your Love (on A Session With)
Nils Lofgren - For Your Love (on Cry Tough)
Craig Moore & Friends - Evil Hearted You
Yardbirds - You Stole My Love (instrumental track appearing on the 2-CD
US CBS/Sony Legacy Yardbirds set)
Hollies - Schoolgirl (on At Abbey Road 1966-1970)
Swans - Ready To Go Home
Herman's Hermits - Bus Stop (on The Both Sides of)
Gene Pitney – Bus Stop
Chineze Puzzle - Bus Stop (with David Rosenbloom, guitar, David Hofstra,
bass and John Mernit)
Sarah Jane - Listen People
Phil Harris Orchestra - Pamela Pamela
Gary Lewis & The Playboys - Heart Full Of Soul (on She's Just My Style)
Secret Hearts – Heart Full Of Soul (On Secret Hearts)